has evolved.

The local conversation continues at mySidewalk.com »

has evolved.

The local conversation continues at mySidewalk.com »

We started this to build better communities.

When MindMixer was founded in 2010, we wanted to make it easier for people to be involved in the conversations shaping their communities.

So we took those conversations online.

Within five years, we had helped more than 1,200 communities engage 2.5 million people.

We believed public involvement was an issue of timing – not apathy. And we were right.

But we learned communication is always evolving.

We envisioned a platform that connects every conversation in a single network.

No one identifies with one community. Forty percent of MindMixer participants contribute to multiple conversations. So why should those conversations be so disconnected?

That’s why we decided to bring it all together at a new engagement experience – one that connects each of those conversations in a single network.

It’s called mySidewalk

And now...

Starting a conversation is free for locals and for local leaders

mySidewalk strings all of the conversations related to a selected area (like a city, county or state) together into one continuous feed.

Now anyone can easily share and explore ideas and issues shaping their community


Start gathering relevant feedback from local residents today.


Share your ideas and shed light on the local issues that matter to you most.